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The crossroads -- a place where two roads cross at or about at right angles, otherwise known as "the forks of the road" -- is the subject of religious and folkloric belief all around the world. Because the crossroads is land that belongs to no one, a place outside the borders of town, it is considered a suitable site to performmagical rituals and cast spells. The use of the crossroads as an impromptu altar where offerings are placed and rituals performed is widely encountered in both European and African folklore.In ancient Greece, marker stones commemorating the god Hermes in his priapic form were set at the crossroads. In ancient Rome the similar god Mercury was the crossroads guardian.
In India, the god Bhairava, an older version of great god Siva, is said to guard the crossroads at the outskirts of villages. Stone phalluses and statues of Bhairava's watchful eyes are erected to represent him as a guardian of the boundaries.
In Guatemala, the old Mayan underworld Lord Maam, under his Catholic Saint guise of Maximon or Saint Simon, is generally depicted seated at a crossroads in a chair, just outside a church.
In Africa, almost every cultural group has its own version of the crossroads god. Legba, Ellegua, Elegbara, Eshu, Exu, Nbumba Nzila, and Pomba Gira are African and African-diaspora names (in several languages) for the spirit who opens the way, guards the crossroads, and teaches wisdom.
European tales of, by, and about European musicians, dancers, and others who seek physical dexterity selling themselves to the Devil are legion, frequent, and commonplace. It could be argued, and HAS been argued (not by me) that all instances of this belief in African American culture are simply cultural borrowings from European sources. One of the things that gives traction to the idea that Black folks borrowed the concept from White folks is that we have evidences of such beliefs going back in Germanic cultures far earlier than we see them among enslaved Africans in the Americas. That doesn't prove much, though, as we have little early evidence of African beliefs in situ from those early peiods.
Regardless, we DO have European sources in early folklore, and, to put it bluntly, when a white musician like Charlie Daniels writes and performs a country-rock piece like "The Devil Came Down to Geogia," he need not be conceived as borrowing from African American sources, because he can just as simply have been using his own Anglo-Germanic roots-sources for the inspiration.
This old, pre-Christian, Germanic idea of becoming the Devil's bond-servant (and here we mean Der Teufel, the old pagan woods-devil, not Satan) remained strong in German folk tales long afer Christianity added the "soul" and "Satan" elements to the story. For an example, including musical talent, see "The Devil's Sooty brother," Grimm's Fairy Tale #100. It is given in full, in English, here:
Some modern anthropologists have given these crossroads gods a new collective name -- trickster gods. In my opinion this is a misnomer, for not all crossroads gods and spirits are tricksters (unreliable, clever, deceitful) and not all trickster gods or spirits are crossroads gods -- the water dwelling kapi of Japan, the shoemakers' elves of Germany, and the wide-ranging Coyote of Native Americas being prime examples of trickster gods and spirits who do not inhabit crossroads.
American beliefs about the crossroads are many and they come in numerous variations. There are two major themes regarding crossroads rituals in the African-American hoodoo tradition. While these customs may contain an admixture of European folklore, they are primarily derived from African antecedents.

  • In hoodoo practice, after one completes a "job of work" or magical ritual, the most neutral way to dispose of remnants such as left-over candle wax,incense ashes, footprint-dirt, or ritual bath water is to carry everything to the crossroads, throw it into the intersection, turn and walk home without looking back. (Alternative methods for the disposal of ritual items include throwing them into running water for get away or moving spells, taking them to a graveyard for hard-core enemy work, or burying them in one's yard for drawing influences toward one.)If a job such as a Follow Me Boy Spell is worked to link two people, then the trick may be laid at every crossroads between the home of the practitioner and lover's home, that is, each crossroads will be marked with ritual artifacts to cement the bond and draw the desired one closer. Contrariwise, in at least one form of Hot Foot or Drive Away Spell, ritual items are thrown into a series of crossroads leaving town, to push the hated person out of town and to act as guards against his or her return. Also, there is a version of the Crossing Spell in which Graveyard Dirt is buried at a crossroads.

  • Not all hoodoo rituals take place at an actual crossroads, but when laying tricks or casting magical spells, many practitioners make use of what can be called a "portable crossroads" or circle with a cross inside, known as an "X" or "cross-mark," generally. The cross-mark may br drawn on the ground or on a personal altar with sachet powders or it may be created quite subtly, with a mere five dots rather than with two crossing lines. In the latter case, the dots go at the four points where the crossing lines would touch the circumference of an imagined circle and at the intersection or center-point of the circle. When drawn this way, the pattern is not called a cross-mark but a "five-spot." Although folklorists tend to call the pattern a "quincunx" and some anthropologists use the term "cosmogram," in actual conversations with real practitioners, you will hear them spoken of like this: "You lay down your salt in the four corners and in the center, like the five-spot on dice" or "Sprinkle your powders in the form of a cross-mark inside a circle" or "They'd lay out powders by the door -- a big old X-mark -- to trick you.A 19th century pen and ink drawing by E. W. Kemble called "The Hoodoo Dance" documents the practice. If you look closely you will see at the center of the dance floor a clearly marked portable crossroads or five-spot: A piece of cloth is laid on the ground and at the four corners of the cloth are set fourcandle-sticks with burning candles, plus four identical pieces of herbiage -- judging from their size and shape, either four large Clematis flowers or four carefully opened banana (plantain) skins. At the center-point of this portable crossroads is a small bowl heaped full of herbiage, presumably an offering.

  • The crossroads is the most popular place to perform a specific hoodoo crossroads ritual to learn a skill -- to play a musical instrument, for instance, or to become proficient at throwing dice, dancing, public speaking, or whatever one chooses. As this ritual is usually described, you bring the item you wish to master -- your banjo, guitar, fiddle, deck of cards, or dice -- and wait at the crossroads on three or nine specified nights or mornings. On your successive visits you may witness the mysterious appearances of a series of animals. On your last visit, a " big black man" will arrive. If you are not afraid and do not run away, he will ask to borrow the item you wish to learn. He will show you the proper way to use the item by using it himself. When he returns it to you, you will suddenly have the gift of greatness.The man who meets people at the crossroads and teaches them skills is sometimes called "the devil" He is also called "the rider," the "li'l ole funny boy" or "the big black man," black in this case meaning the actual colour, not a brown-skinned ("coloured" or Negro) person. Because he shares qualities with and derives from a number of African crossroads spirits (of whom Legba, Ellegua, Elegbara, Eshu, Nbumba Nzila, and Pomba Gira are some African and African-diaspora names), it is a common scholarly conceit to equate the crossroads "devil" with Legba, but that is utterly unheard of in the oral folk tradition.
    This African-derived crossroads ritual is one of the most widely distributed beliefs in African-American folklore and is practiced throughout the South. It is the subject of the rest of this essay.

    Thought i would share this with you guys. Basically do this ritual do become better at an instrument or (whatever any hobby). Passed down from black person to black person. Anyone going to try this with me? teehee. Also heres an owl i painted. Man havent posted anything in a while eh!

  • Saturday, November 20, 2010

    This TSA nonsense shit

    What do u guys thihk about all this TSA molesting going on?

    they dont have this stuff at LAX which is the airport i use. But it sounds fuckin terrible.

    what chall have to say

    Monday, November 15, 2010

    fucking Google

    Wont transfer the money from this blog into my bank account. Sup with that? Any of you similar problems??

    Monday, November 8, 2010

    Will there be a nuclear fucking attack this month?

    Well lets look at the shit on the table

    Obama and "important" CEOS all in India on 40 Jets, nukes disapearing and some shit, simpsons episode has terror attack warning (similar to the episode they have pre 9/11 about 9/11 before it happened), WebBot the program that predicts shit predicts WW3 this month.

    Ill let you decide. MAN THEM BUNKERS BROS

    Wednesday, November 3, 2010

    Today cops came into my classroom and grabbed me

    They took me to the office and searched my backpack, phone and pockets.

    They said that an anonymous teacher beleived i was video taping women at school.

    They threw away my art in my backpack saying it was inapropriate. (Female anatomy)

    Fun stuff

    Tuesday, November 2, 2010

    I thought you guys might enjoy a pretty damn scary story i wrote

    Here goes

    SO THERE I WAS.. PLAYING MY NEW 3ds i had just gotten yesterday from game pop. 

    it was a present for turning 21 and new years. Happy 2012 everyone. Anyways.

    The new game that came out, Silent Jill. It was 3ds's first horror game and i was a beta tester.

    Everything seemed all chilling out max and relaxing all cool until, WHAT THE FUCK. a hand. Yes thats right. A hand. reached out from the 3ds and made its way down towards my trousers.

    first i said "WOAH JEEZ" or perhaps "MOAH CHEEZ" one of those. It started stroking...Violently. Yowch! Ow! Stop i cried! but it wouldnt stop. It kept going and going

    Finaly i burst my load onto my 3ds and fried the hard drive. The hand went back into the game and everyything resumed as normal

    Except now i need to go buy a new 3ds. halp?

    Sunday, October 31, 2010

    Happy Halloween everyone

    in the spirit of halloween heres a pumpkin!

    and also a documentary about witchcraft. Enjoy

    Sunday, October 24, 2010

    Just needed to share this with everyone

    one of the best songs ive ever heard. Just bought the cd on itunes only 10 dollars. Not bad at all

    Wednesday, October 20, 2010

    October 13th Hype

    NORAD officer predicts worldwide UFO display October 13, 2010 / Project Blue BeamRetired NORAD Officer's New Book Predicts a Tentative Worldwide UFO Display on October 13, 2010

    Well theres the article. October 13th came and passed. Some cool shit happened, ufos all over the place
    doing ufo shit. Was it overhyped or THE BEGINNING OF SOMETHING GREAT. Your thoughts?

    (Heres some october 13th footage for those of you who werent outside to see)

    Monday, October 18, 2010

    Car got robbed

    sorry havent posted in while

    Anyways parked in an immigrant neighborhood and my car got robbed. License, credit card, gps, backpack etc.

    feels bad man

    lesson learned though amiright

    Thursday, October 14, 2010

    DoTA 2 a dota fan.........................WHO ELSE IS EXCITED FOR  DOTA2? WHERE MY DOTA  PEEPS AT?

    Tuesday, October 12, 2010



    also, Dont beleive in aliens?


    Monday, October 11, 2010

    Done with that Stick fight flash

    It can be seen here

    tell me what cha think ;s

    Sorry havent posted anything in a while

    currently working on some flash stuff though

    a game like DoTa (of course)

    and some stick fight flash (ha)

    Also are any of you a fan of Everything is Terrible?


    heres a sample

    Thursday, October 7, 2010

    creepiest vids on the web and other fantastic stuff. This might take you a while to read this all

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    this post had to be made. enjoy

    Tuesday, October 5, 2010

    Anyone remmember this old creepy pasta story? its a cute one

    The story is this, in Japan shortly before a teenage girl comitted suicide,
    she drew this picture, scanned it and posted it online. In korea this story
    broke out and it spread like wildfire. There are various posts around in
    korean forums that say that the viewer gets drawn to the girls blue eyes,
    they say they can detect a hint of wraith and sadness within the eyes. Maybe
    the girl had died with so much sadness and anger that her spirit haunts the
    image, or maybe the image provoke sadness, similar to the song 'Gloomy

    The freaky bit is this, they say it is hard for a person to stare into the
    girls eyes for longer than 5 minutes, there are reports that some people
    have taken their own lives after doing so. People say the picture changes,
    as you view it there is a hint of a growing taunting smirk appearing on the
    girls lips or a dark ring grows around the girl or her eyes.

    Just posting some interesting stuff today

                                                                                Some sick doll is all
                                                                         Happy Easter
    The picture above is a russian playground. Cute right

                                                           The tree above is real not painted or anything like that
                                                 Also, would you pee in this?

    Sunday, October 3, 2010

    Thought i should make this a separate post

    Epic creepy wikipedia stories i compiled

    part 2
    Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

    part 3

    part 4


    Am i missing anything bros?