Thursday, October 7, 2010

creepiest vids on the web and other fantastic stuff. This might take you a while to read this all

Daddy Ate My Eyes -

Creepy Animation -

Creepy Doll Commercial -

Last Transcripts -

The Donora Smog -

Old Creepy Photos -

Illustrated list of Japanese monsters -

Tiger Carcass -

Mirror Mind Hack -

Hamburger Lady (Song about a burnt woman) -

10 Most horrifying places on earth -

Woman Hides Stillborn Babies In Her Closet -

Chase Vault -

Salem Thunderbird -

Unsolved Murder -

Underground Fire Under City -,_Pennsylvania

Abandoned Asylum -

Eaten alive by Maggots -

7chan's list of paranormal -

Pork Futures -

Body eaten by vultures -

Ghosts on the Underground/BBC -

How to Abort -

Stalker Ex writes Rape Fantasy novel -

Tumor With Teeth -

The Island of Dolls -

Skinwalker Ranch -

Cube (Video) -

Sourdough (video) -

Love, The Dentist -

15 Most Brutal Execution Methods -

Giant rats -

More dead babies -

Diary of a stalker -

7 Scariest Museums -

The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan -

Tender Moment -

Ah Pook (Video) -

Creepiest Robot -

99 Rooms -

10 Steps (Video) -

The Faces of Many (Video) -

Momento mori (For ChaCha and her love of these) -

Nice Hat -

Woman Watches Dead Husband for 2 Weeks -

Conquest of the North Pole (video) -

Guys and Dolls -

The Perils of Punky (Video) -

Crime Scene Photos -

Woman Lives with Corpses -

BeastEnders (Video) -

Bridgend Suicides -

Mystery! (Video) -

Macabre ABC's -

The Black Death -

The Silent Lady -

Red Fox Cry (Video, what I hear every night when I browse /x/) -

Yes (Video) -

1905 Langille -

Albert Fish -


Top 10 Japanese Ghost Towns -

Nineteenth Century Albinism -

Robot Girl (Video) -

/x/ Back To School Supplies -

Love At First Bite (More fucked up than it sounds) -

Scalped -

Zombie Cells -

Goddess Bunny ( A slight twist on the original) -

Black and White -

Zombie Boy -

The Child Catcher (Video) -

Our Missing Angels -

The Gates of Hell Have Opened -

Bachelor's Grove -'s_Grove_Cemetery

Another Dead Kid (I want to know the source on this one, something about a girl stuck in a well for days?) -

Naree Pon (Video) -

Why? -

The Feejee Mermaids -

Corporate Occult (video) -

It Can See You -

Witkin's Amazing Art -

Ghost Photo's and the Stories Behind them -

Man Drags his Son's Corpse around? -

ChaseNoFace -

Creepiest Taxidermy Ever -

One of these is kinda fucked up... -,0,5488047.photogallery

Moving Coffins -

Evil Clown for Hire -

Permanant stain left by a decomposing woman -

Richmond Paranormal Society -

Cute Little Girl Singing and Dancing (Video) -

Freeze Dried Pets -

Katherine Knight -

Hantu Demon -

Creepy Story Told in Pictures: Chernobyl -

Creepy Old Ads -

The Insiders -

Slightly Creepy Accidental Loop (video) -

Scary For Kids -

"over three hundred bodies that had been consigned to a crematorium for proper disposal were never cremated but instead were dumped on the crematorium's site." -

Creepy Divers -

Taxidermy Art -

Keeping Cadaver Lungs Alive (Video) -

40 Bodies Found in a Garage -

The Slenderman Chronicles -

The Dionaea House -

Wendigo Psychosis -

Shrunken Heads -


Anneliese Michel Exorcism -

Hyper Realistic Sculptures -

First Satanic Wedding (video) -

Monkey Drummer (video) -

Frozen Rodents -

Flesh Eating Drugs (video) [Gore] -

The Knife - Silent Shout (video) -

How To Make Iced Tea (video) -

Dehydrated Corpse [Not for the faint hearted] -

A fuck Load of Spiders (video) -

Alive Despite Knife in the Face -

Sterile Nails and ThunderBowels (video) -

Nostalgia (video) -


Weird Plane Crash -

The Terrible Secret of Animal Crossing -

Night Club Fire, you can hear people burning to death. (video) -

The Loneliest Probe (video) -

Dog of Man (video) -

Baby in a Jar -

Area 51: The Frantic Caller (video) -

Aether Paranormal -

Country Death Song (video) -

Fanged Leech Pulled from Girls Nose -

Dog Eared -

Lincoln's Dream of his Death -

Girl Removes Fake Eye (video) -

Skunk Baby Costume -

Most Kissed Face L'Inconnue de la Seine -'Inconnue_de_la_Seine

Sweet Daddy Bear (video) -

Joshua Hoffine's amazing Art -

The Number To Heaven (video) -

Steampunk Taxidermy -

Assassination Attempt (video) -

Robert The Haunted Doll (video) -

Nipple Ears? -

Skinny Puppy (video) -

My Bunny Collection (video) -

Steampunk Taxidermy II -

Doll Carousel (video) -

Maggot Eye (video) -

Mr. Baby Man -

What is it? -

Reality Simpsons -

BotFly -

I don't even know -

Aaron Brewer -

Gorgeous Creepy Dolls -

Eye Maggots -

Marsden -

Secret (better if you don't know what it's from) -

More Taxidermy -

this post had to be made. enjoy


  1. Only got through the first block you posted *fucking shiver*

  2. this will definitely take a while! lol


  3. This is a huge friggin post. Some of it seems interesting though. Thanks.

  4. hahaha cant say theyre all freaky

  5. That's a lot of creepiness. I'll take some time and sift through them all.

  6. Weird Plane Crash.... Holy shit!