Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I thought you guys might enjoy a pretty damn scary story i wrote

Here goes

SO THERE I WAS.. PLAYING MY NEW 3ds i had just gotten yesterday from game pop. 

it was a present for turning 21 and new years. Happy 2012 everyone. Anyways.

The new game that came out, Silent Jill. It was 3ds's first horror game and i was a beta tester.

Everything seemed all chilling out max and relaxing all cool until, WHAT THE FUCK. a hand. Yes thats right. A hand. reached out from the 3ds and made its way down towards my trousers.

first i said "WOAH JEEZ" or perhaps "MOAH CHEEZ" one of those. It started stroking...Violently. Yowch! Ow! Stop i cried! but it wouldnt stop. It kept going and going

Finaly i burst my load onto my 3ds and fried the hard drive. The hand went back into the game and everyything resumed as normal

Except now i need to go buy a new 3ds. halp?


  1. ya did the right thing buddy. never let em tell ya different.

  2. whoa! dude! that's pretty scary!