Monday, September 13, 2010

Something to think about

Do you guys remember that show Beyond Belief Fact or Fiction?

I remember an episode called Kid in the Closet about this kid who said there was a monster in his closet. One day he got locked in his closet by his brothers friends or something. They left him in there for a while then they let him out. He was crying and his brother felt bad and said "The closets not haunted bro see?" then the brother went into the closet. After a while the young brother said "Ok come out" and they opened the door to see that the brother wasnt there. Apparently he was never found.


  1. I don't remember it, but it sounds neat... but I'm with Jake on this one.

    Also, doing the daily rounds.

  2. Very nice!


  3. was it this creepy show with those lights crossing in the intro?

    ..think I remeber something like this..

  4. I never saw it. I remember it being on, but I never got around to watching it.

  5. yeah, i remember it, scared the shit out of me when i was a little kid :x